Stepping Stones 7


Oh Lizzie, Lizzie! Or rather…oh Lisa, Lisa!

I feel Lisa’s lost her innocence and goodness as time goes by and she becomes more ambitious. After Brian, the men that touch her life are not a success either. First, it’s Clive, who only uses as a sexual outlet, and she leaves him when she learns she’s got married. Then one night she gets touch by passion and a real conviction that he’s the man of her life. Patrick turns out to be her brother!!! And she only finds out after she sleeps with her! I have to admit that I found that a bit unsettling. How is she going to go back to her family now? How can she return and admit to Patrick she’s his sister? Oh man! That was a real shock.

Naturally, Lisa runs away and goes to Hollywood. For a while she isn’t interested in men and tries to find parts in films while working as a waitress. She shares a flat with three other girls, one of whom is a call girl (Gloria). When Lisa sleeps with one of Gloria’s clients, I thought she would turn to prostitution, but this didn’t happen. Instead, she gets a part in the film of a notorious film director, who she starts dating. After the film is finished, he asks her to marry her and she accepts despite the fact that she doesn’t feel satisfied in her sexual encounters. Once again, Lisa marries somebody she’s not totally nuts for. Because of her sexual dissatisfaction, Lisa gets contacted by Gloria’s client, and they start a adulterous affair every few weeks when the man is in town. She even feels exhilarated by the mystery of this man. She doesn’t know his real name or anything about his life, and she even demands a dollar as a pay to make the whole thing more exciting. She claims she loves her husband, and I don’t believe.

Then she discovers that her husband is the man who helped her when his American mates raped her. Lisa didn’t recognize him, but Busby knew. This leads to their divorce as whenever they lie in bed together, Lisa flinches and thinks of that horrible event in her past. And she also breaks her contact with the man she had the sexual affair with.

And then she meets another director, Joseph  Dent as she gets a part  in one of his films. The man is rude and obnoxious, but Lisa stands up to him and seems to find their little dialectical war amusing. After the film, Busby tries to convince her to come back with her, but she refuses. And some time later Joseph Dent approaches her, offering to work together again. At first, she refuses, but then she agrees. When she visits his house, one night she wakes to find him naked before her and he asks her to marry him. And Lisa says yes! She admits she doesn’t love him, but she feels free around him. The man has been married several times before and has children, and when he asks her what she wants, she says she only wants something he can’t give her: a baby. And he comes back with a toddler. Sabina is his three-year-old daughter by his latest wife, a Cherokee who left him. Lisa warms up to the child, and I think it’s the child who makes her happy, not Joseph.

I don’t think this marriage will last either. Both Joseph and Lisa have very explosive characters, and the first reason why I don’t believe in this marriage is because she doesn’t love him.

I’m really enjoying the book. Lisa’s life is fascinating. I don’t like her now too much because she makes very rash decisions regarding the men she hooks up with. I find her now a bit too shallow. I miss the Lisa who was all heart and who enjoyed simple things. All this pompous world of Hollywood has changed her, and I wonder if she’ll ever return to her roots and the Lizzie she was.


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