Stepping Stones 5


Lizzie makes mistake after mistake.


The time he spends in London, working in the bookshop and sharing the flat with Jackie does her good. She has left the bad memories behind, and for the first time she has peace and feels happy. She makes good friends; not only Jackie and Mr. Greenbaum, but also Piers, and in special Ralph, who she trusts enough to tell him her story. Yet, when she fears she might lose the world she knows and become lonely, she decides to marry Brian. Another big mistake, I can tell. She admits she doesn’t love him, but I think that’s not the problem. It’s his mother, and I foresee big problems. The woman is obviously pushy and overbearing, and Lizzie is to live with her.

I understand that in those years things for women were more difficult, and being married made things easier. But even so, I find it difficult to come to terms with the idea that living with a man I like good enough and his possessive, disagreeable woman is better than being on my own. I think Lizzie’s marriage is bound to fail. She also hopes for children, but the doctor who treated her when she had an abortion told the midwife Lizzie might never have a child. I’m not sure if the woman ever told Lizzie, but it’s really sad because it’s obvious she wants to have children.

Another thing is the way she has decided to stay away from her family. Apparently, she hasn’t even told her mother she was getting married. I know she felt like an outsider in her family, but she was so depressed that she had the wrong idea. Kitty didn’t treat her well when she didn’t stop Tom from abusing her, but it’s obvious that Lizzie loves her mother and remembers her fondly. Why doesn’t she contact her? I’m sure she wouldn’t have made many mistakes if Lizzie had trusted her mother more. I hope she gets to see Kitty and the rest of her siblings in the future.

I’m enjoying the book. It’s often very sad, but I like the way the author narrates because it’s very direct and uses real language to reproduce dialogues.


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