Stepping Stones 4


After Lizzie kills her father, Kittie takes the blame and is accused of manslaughter.

However, she’s finally acquitted because of Tom’s reputation for cruelty. And then I get a huge shock. Kittie knew Tom was abusing his daughter!!! Oh I got so disappointed in Kittie. And I wonder if in a way she is similar to Tom because she allowed a grown man rape a little girl that happened to be her daughter!!! I know she was scared and she has suffered a lot, but allowing Tom to do that is inexcusable.

After that, Lizzie changes and wants to believe none of his past horrible experiences happened. And once again she gets another horrible blow. Feeling grown-up and eager to experience, she starts going out with American soldiers that give her chocolates, cigarettes, and nylon tights in exchange of a good fondle. I already suspected that Lizzie was heading for disaster. There was an American soldier, Hank, who even proposed to her, and on her fourteenth birthday Lizzie went with him and his other friends. She was friendly to all of them, and they misunderstood her friendliness and raped her. Poor Lizzie. I’m horrified by all the things this girl had to go through. I also blame Kittie because she didn’t try to talk to her daughter and find out where she got all the things she brought home. Like in the case with Tom, she preferred to leave the blindfold on her eyes and pretend she didn’t know.

In the next part of the book, we learn that Lizzie, now called Lisa, has got married. Apart from one brother, no one in her family comes to the wedding. It seems this marriage might have complications as her bridegroom’s aunt warns her against her new mother-in-law. From the ferry taking Lizzie and Brian to her honeymoon in Paris we are transported to the time after Lizzie was raped by all those American men. After that, she became morose, hardly ate, and dressed in loose clothes to hide her femininity. Once again Kittie didn’t do anything to help her, and the rest of the family didn’t try to find out the truth either. On her sixteenth birthday Lizzie decides to run away and ends up in London. In London she becomes Lisa and finds a place to live in. It’s a flat she is going to share with quite a messy girl, Jackie, and she also finds a job in a bookshop. I’m sad Lizzie escaped and didn’t tell her family anything. Even though I guess she felt nobody understood her, I also believe she never tried to say a word to anybody. With nine siblings, she could have find some outlet in one of them, but she just clammed up. I hope at some point she contacts her family again, because it would be too sad for her to forget about her family. I wonder what will happen in London (apart from the marriage), but I imagine her life won’t be a fairy tale.


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