Call of the Kiwi 6


Roly and his two pals are sent on a mission, and as they depart, they’re cheerful, even happy.That changes completely when Roly returns. He’s traumatized as his two friends among dozens of army soldiers are killed in action. Roly is scared after witnessing the horror. HIs superior sees him cowering during battle, and puts him in prison, arguing that the man is guilty of cowardice. Thankfully, Jack intervenes, and talks to the doctor about Roly’s medical training, and Roly is finally joins the medical section.

Gloria finally reaches New Zealand, and first, she goes to her former governess in the boarding school the woman works. Sarah understands that something horrible has happened to the girl. Gloria cries and cries but doesn’t want to talk. Mrs. Forrester, her boss, tells her to leave the girl alone because there are things that cannot be shared with anybody. After weeks in the boarding school Gloria finally contacts Gwyneira. When Gwyneira collects Gloria and they make it back to Kiward Station, it seems things aren’t going to be easy. Gloria is quiet and reacts angrily to small things. Gwyneira isn’t tactful; I think this character has never been, but now that she’s quite old, she doesn’t have the patience or the energy. Gwyneira doesn’t feel happy now that she’s at home, and admits she only feels rage. I think Gwyneira isn’t going to have it easy to deal with Gloria, and if the girl won’t open up to her, Gwyneira won’t be able to help her. What Gloria has gone through is horrible, but I imagine that she also feels terrible guilty. It was her decision to let the first man, Harry, to use her sexually, and she could have decided against going on that board the following day. I know that she didn’t know she had to please all those men sexually, adn she didn’t count on being sold as a sex slave, but I think she made a terrible mistake. And in Australia the poor girl had to sell her body to survive. Now Gloria feels ashamed and fears that nobody is going to love her if they learn about what she had to do. She’s also afraid of men, and I understand she doesn’t want to be left alone with one, but as long as she’s with her great grandmother, nothing will happen. I hope Gwyeira can help her because the girl needs all the love she can give her.

Lillian’s romance isn’t easy, but right now her story is the positive counterpart. Her father doesn’t want her to see Ben, and the same happens with Ben’s mother. Yet, Lillian is so determined and clever, and she manages to outwit her father and Florence Biller, and she and Ben manage to have their loving rendezvous in secret. Now she wants her and Ben to elope and marry, but Ben thinks she won’t have the guts to do so.


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