Call of the Kiwi 5


The war in Europe is now playing havoc on our characters.

Depressed after her wife’s death, Jack decides to join ANZAC, which is the army of Australia and New Zealand. Likewise, Roly, Timothy’s helper, als enlists because he wants to prove his manliness to his friends. Naturally, both Gwyneira and Timothy are not happy but there’s nothing they can do.

Jack and Roly meet on the ship, and Roly realizes Jack is Elaine’s cousin. They develop a nice frienship. The ship takes them to Lemnos where they are supposed to fight the Turks. This part of the book is centred on the description of war through these two characters. Roly is a nice character, and Jack is proving how clever he is, and in a few weeks he is promoted to corporal.

The war description, even though interesting, can be sometimes too much for me. I hope that nothing happens to either Jack or Roly, but since this time in history isn’t a fairy tale, I suspect there will be more sadness on the way.


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