Call of the Kiwi 3


I feel so sorry for Gloria.

She was apprehensive before going to this school, but now she’s feeling totally miserable. She’s compared to her talented mother, and her teachers’ attitude change at once when they realize that Gloria is nothing like Kura. Gloria has no artistic talent, and the teachers care nothing about her other other interests and talents. She doesn’t get any encouragement or motivation. This, though, is not the worst. Her roommates, especially Gabrielle, get out of their way to make Gloria’s life miserable. Today we’d call her situation bullying. I can really relate to what Gloria is going through because in a way I felt something similar when I was a child. I didn’t suffer as much as Gloria, but I also felt I didn’t fit with the rest of my classmates. At least, Gloria has Lillian and Sarah, but she can’t spend too long with Lillian since she is in another class and dormitory, but she can see a bit more of Sarah, because the woman has arranged for her to give extra lessons to Gloria at the weekend.

Sarah’s relationship with Christopher is also problematic. He keeps telling her off when she does something that he thinks is not ladylike. Yet, Sarah is smitten and thinks she’s in love with him. The poor woman doesn’t know what her beau really thinks about her. He doesn’t find her interesting or attractive; he only wants to have a decent wife to keep the bishop happy. Christopher is really a womanizer under his cassock. He even find a girl from the boarding school enticing, and I imagine he would like to have a taste of that girl. I hope Sarah realizes what kind of man Christopher is before she gets married and it’s too late. Lillian, who is still a charming character, has noticed the way Christopher looks at Sarah and other woman and concludes he’s not in love with Sarah. Yet, I doubt Sarah will take this talkative and imaginative girl seriously.

And one good thing is that Jack and Charlotte have married.


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