New Book – Song of the Spirits by Sarah Lark


Publishing year: 2008

This is the second book of the trilogy by Sarah Lark.

The novel starts sixteen years later. Helen is still in Queenstown, running the hotel her son and daughter-in-law persuaded her to open. Elaine, her granddaugther, sometimes helps her, and one of the guests, William Martyn, seems to have caught her eye. He’s an Irish man, but I think I’m suspicious of him like Daphne. And there’s a reference to his stay in jail.

In Kiward Station Gwyneira and James still live their love and they even had a son. Gwyneira has brought up Paul’s daughter,Kura,  who seems to have grown into a spoilt and impossible girl. Gwyneira and James don’t know what to do to tame her, and Gwyneira thinks that a trip to see Helen and the family will be good for her.

Good start. I think the new members of the family will add interest to the story. I have the feeling that there will be conflict between Elaine and Kura. Kura is described as a beautiful, captivating young woman. Will she attract William’s attention? Elaine already thinks little of her cousin, and I can imagine that there will be black clouds in the landscape of these two young women.

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