Freeing Grace 3



I thought that the baby who was born at the beginning would join the characters presented in the story, but so far Grace hasn’t shown up yet.

Jake has got himself in a strange situation. Lucy’s father asks him to go to Kenya to find his wife Deborah, who is supposed to be a journalist uncovering mysteries. Jake naturally finds the request surprising and odd, but in then end I think he feels sorry for Matt, Deborah’s teenage son. So he goes to Kenya, and when his quest proves barren, the waiter in a hotel tells him that he knows the woman but has a different name and a husband. Jake finds the woman, and he realized she’s Deborah, but when he approaches, calling her name, she says she’s not that woman. Interesting. I wonder why Lucy’s father sent Jake to find his wife because there is a reason he doesn’t want to say. It seems that Deborah has been living a double life with two husbands in different continents.

And Laila is my favourite character and I feel so sorry for her. Her in-laws are horrible, and  how bitterly disappointed she must have felt after finding out her pregnancy didn’t last more than a sigh. She’s so depressed, poor woman, and she almost feels tempted to jump into the canal and kill herself. Thankfully, she didn’t do it. I think she’s a great character, and I love her strength, humour, and confidence. The story of her and David meeting is really sweet. I hope they finally manage to get the child to adopt. Could it be Grace the one they are to adopt?


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