New Book – Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet


Publishing year: 2009

The book starts in 1986 with Henry.

He’s a Chinese man brought up in America. He’s 56. His wife recently passed away, and his only son is in college. Henry stands watching the Panama Hotel as a crew of reporters stand there. He finds out that the owner of the hotel has found a series of objects in a hidden room where a group of Japanese were hidden during the war.

Then the book travels back in time to 1942 when Henry was a child and the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor. His father forbids Henry to speak Chinese, and pins a badge on his shirt that says “I’m Chinese”.

I’ve only read twenty pages, but Henry’s figure inspires sadness. He doesn’t seem a very satisfied person, and I think it’s not just his wife dying that gives him that melancholic air. I guess I’ll find out about Henry and his possible secrets as I progress with the book.

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