The Secrets of the Sea House 5 – The End



Wonderful end.

I’m so glad that Moira and Alexander finally got married. Their story was very sweet, and I love Moira. I think she’s the best character in the book. It’s very sad, though, what happened to Katriona, dying a few days after she gave birth, but I’m glad that Alexander’s friends took the girl in and named her after her late mother.

The story of Ruth also had a nice ending. She finally learns she has some family, a cousin of her mother’s, who assures her that her mother could never have taken her life. That is one of the things that obsessed Ruth, and I was afraid when at one point she says that her baby would be better off with just Michael. I’m glad she finally recovered her senses and decided to go to the psychologist. The psychologist helps her heal and Ruth even manages to talk to Michael about her life. Ruth also learns that her father was a married man who died when she was about three, but it turns out her uncle is Lachland, the boatyard owner.

The two stories, the one in 1992 and the one in the nineteenth century, converge in the end when Ruth manages to publish the book Alexander and McKintire wrote about mermaids. That was nice, and I’m happy to see Ruth happy with her two children.

And I’m relieved that one of my suspicions was incorrect. Leaf was a nice girl in the end who didn’t get involved with Michael.

I loved the book. So interesting and intriguing.

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