New Book – The Drowning Girl by Margaret Leroy


Publishing year: 2009

I’ve just read ten pages from this book, and I have to say that I’m already hooked.


The novel starts with a prologue in which somebody talks about a female person and the experience of drowning. Then we are introduced to the characters. We have Grace, who is a single parent, and Sylvie, her daughter. They are at a Halloween party in a friend’s house. Grace seems distressed and anxious about Sylvie. Sylvie is described as cute with white-blonde hair and delicate features. She sounds lovely, and there’s something that surprised me and another character in this first chapter. Sylvie has always called her mother by her Christian name, never mum or mama. I wonder if there’s something there. At the party there’s a magician and some games. It is with apple bobbling that something goes wrong. Sylvie starts screaming and panicking, even fighting her mother when she tries to calm her down. It seems that Sylvie has some kind of trauma with water.

The beginning is quite intriguing. It’s obvious that there is a story behind Sylvie’s abhorrence of water, and the way Grace thinks of her daughter also shows that there is something more than meets the eye. I think the book might be quite touching. Novels with children as characters always move me, and I guess this is going to be quite a emotional journey.


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