New Book – The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult


Publishing year: 2006

Jodi Picoult is one of my favourite books, but I’m always wary when I start one of her books. Her plots and the topics in her books can be quite intense, and they always trigger some strong emotions in me. That’s why I’m sometimes a bit apprehensive at the beginning of the book, and I’m aware that there’s not always a happy ending in Ms. Picoult’s book.

This new novel I’ve started is about a family like most Ms Picoult’s novel. Danny Stone is a writer/designer of graphic books, and has worked from home for years to look after his daughter Trixie. Now that Trixie is a teenager, he’s worried because he’s losing the close relationship with his daughter. Trixie is going through a rough patch after the boy she’s in love with dumped her and started seeing another girl. She’s miserable and feels at the end of her tether. And Laura is Trixie’s mother. She’s an English professor in college and her specialty is Dante’s Divine Comedy and the analysis of Dante’s journey through Hell. What we also learn is that she’s having an affair with one of her students.

I’m not sure yet what the central topic in this book is, so I’ll have to keep reading. I’m sure the plot will be as fascinating as Ms. Picoult’s other books I’ve read.


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