The Courage Tree 4 – The End



I expected the story to have a happy ending, and I’m glad I wasn’t wrong. Zoe finally saw her daughter as the sick person she is, and decided to do the right thing and help Sophie. I feared getting her to safety would be more difficult and Marti would appear and play havoc. Thankfully, Sophie is returned ot her mother and finally to health.

I was surprised about Lucas’s secrets. I don’t know if him being behind the discovery of herbalina is a bit too far-fetched. What I loved is the way Joe had a change of heart and decided to donate his kidney to help Lucas. It turns out Lucas and Joe are half-brothers and carry the disease their mother passed onto them. Brothers or not, Joe had reasons to feel resentful. After all, Lucas is in a relationship with the woman Joe loves. Yet, it’s true that thanks to Lucas, Sophie had the chance to live as the child she is. I’m glad Joe was big enough to do this for Lucas, and I’m even gladder that Joe and Paula ended up together. The birth of the baby at the end of the book is a perfect conclusion.

As for Zoe and Marti, the latter was admitted to a psychiatric hospital because it’s clear the woman wasn’t well in her head. It’s not clear what hapenned to Zoe. Janine doesn’t know. She heard that Marti shot her dead when the police went to arrest her, but Janine hopes to believe in some rumours about Zoe faking her death again.

An interesting book about faith, fear, and strength. I loved the female characters: Janine, Sophie, Paula, and Zoe. Janine is all stregth and resilience as she fights to find her daughter. Sophie is an incredible little girl who has incredible insight and strength. Paula is the friend that tells you everything, even what you don’t want to hear. And Zoe is a complex character that grows in wisdom and courage, which I think come from meeting little Sophie.


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