New Book – Her Mother’s Shadow by Diane Chamberlain


Publishing year: 2004

I’ve started the third book in the trilogy. I have only read a bunch of pages. The story starts with a flashback to the night when Annie was killed. As I suspected, the novel seems to be about Lacey and her problems.

A year has passed since the events of the last book. Clay and Gina are married and after spending months in India, they managed to adopt Rani, who is now a lovely two-year-old. There are problems on the horizon for the family. The man who killed Annie  has been granted parole, but Alec plans to hire a lawyer and fight the case.

Lacey has stopped going out with friends, trying to pull herself from her mother. She still works the glass, but she feels lonely and empty. A new character appears and he’s interested in Lacey, someone called Rick, who is a professor in law and is in Outer Banks to write his book. He also brings secrets and I wonder what problems he will cause.

And there are also new characters, a woman called Faye, a nurse in charge of the physical therapy department in the hospital in San Diego. He’s a fifty-something widow, who’s started dating Jim, also a widower. Apparently, they’re both from North Carolina. I wonder how these characters will be linked to the main story.

A nice start, and I think if the book is about Lacey, I’m going to enjoy it. I think Lacey is more interesting as a character than her brother. I feel quite indifferent about Clay in both the first and second book.


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