New Book – In Falling Snow by Mary-Rose McColl


Publishing year: 2012

This book starts with a hot sex scene, but the author doesn’t reveal who the couple is. I wonder who they are. Then we hear Iris who is an elderly woman. Iris receives an invitation to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Royaumont. The book alternates between the present and the past. Royaumont is an abbey in France, which a group of women turned into a hospital during WWI. Back then Iris is twenty-one and has left home in Australia to find her younger brother who has joined the war. When Iris getsto France, she intends to join a hospital in Amiens, but on her way there she meets Miss Ivens, who somehow makes her follow her to Royaumont. In Royamont Iris meets the women, among whom is Violet. It’s clear Violet and Iris are going to become close friends.

I like books that are set in the world wars. I find those periods fascinating as well as scary. Yet, I’m not keen on reading about all the fighting that went on. I’m more interested in learning about what life was like while the world seemed to have gone crazy and avid for bloodshed. I think I’m going to enjoy this book as I think it has the elements I usually enjoy.


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