A Family Affair 3


I really like Jenny. She’s so charming, but her mother is so overbearing. I wonder what happened to Heather that made Carrie so overprotective of her youngest daughter. The doctor confirmed that Heather had been pregnant before, so I imagine Carrie arranged for the baby to be adopted or something similar.

Helen is also a great character. She’s strong, resolute, but also has a tender side. Paul seems to be the man for her even though she is reluctant to admit it. She doesn’t want to get involved, as she puts it, but I guess she has built a defense wall around her after her past experiences with her former lover. I hope they end up together. They make a nice couple. And I’m so glad she bought her grandmother’s house and wants Charlotte to live there with her. It’s nice to hear Charlotte again. Despite her flaws, I think she’s the soul of the series.


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