New Book – A Family Affair by Janet Tanner


Publishing year: 1999

This is the last book of the series “The Hillsbridge Quartet”, and I have to say I’ll be sorry to say goodbye to these characters I’ve grown to love.

I just started reading this new novel, and I’m surprised to see that instead of the Halls, the first chapter is focused on Carrie, Jenny, and Heather Simmons, who also live in Hillsbridge. Carrie is the mother and is not happy to share her space with her mother-in-law after a bomb destrayed her home in Bristol. She’s hoping to get a council house in a new development built in HIllsbridge, and she’s so desperate to move out of her inlaws’ house that she resorts to blackmail. These new characters sound interesting, but I hope I get to hear what’s happened to Amy, Charlotte, and the rest of the Hall family.


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